Making Your Logo Design a Success 

Whether starting a new venture or giving your existing business a facelift, embarking on a logo design journey can be the key to giving your company a distinctive face among the competition. A well-designed and attractive logo has the power to make your brand unforgettable and, ultimately, successful. 

The thought of making such a significant decision can be daunting. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll guide you through the logo design process, providing insights on what to anticipate and how to best collaborate with your designer to achieve remarkable results. 

Why Your Logo Matters 

Studies show that 75% of people can identify a company by looking at its logo. That’s three out of four individuals who can instantly associate a brand with its emblem. Additionally, 60% of consumers pay close attention to a brand’s visual style, and half are more inclined to connect only with and support a brand that boasts a logo they recognize and love (source: Renderforest). 

Conversely, even if your brand garners positive reviews and offers quality products or services, over 60% of consumers will steer clear if they find your logo strange or unappealing (source: Studyfinds). 

So, as you and your designer embark on this journey, remember that this small symbol packs a mighty punch in the world of branding. A truly effective logo will: 

  • Establish recognition 
  • Build trust among your customers 
  • Foster brand loyalty among customers 
  • Create consistency in how you represent yourself 

Don’t underestimate the power of your logo – it’s your brand’s silent ambassador, speaking volumes without saying a word. 

What to Expect with a Logo Design Project 

Keep these considerations in mind to ensure a seamless and successful project: 

It’s not just a logo—When refreshing an existing brand or creating one from scratch, remember that your designer isn’t merely crafting a logo; they’re an architect for an entire identity system. Every detail counts, including selecting the right font, choosing the perfect color palette, or deciding how to use the logo. 

Do your research—Thorough research is your secret weapon. Investigate your specific niche and closely examine your competitors. Think about logos from other companies (even those not in your field) you admire. 

Revisions, revisions, revisions—Achieving the perfect logo often requires multiple revisions and your discerning eye to help a designer bring your vision to life. If you’ve never collaborated with an artist or designer before and are uncomfortable with technical design-related jargon, just describe what you’d like to see in plain language as best you can. Providing examples and visuals aids can also help carry your points across. 

Be Ready for Questions 

A strong brand identity framework always begins with questions from the designer to help them formulate a brand strategy. Here are some common but vital inquiries that you should be ready to answer: 

  • What product or service do you provide? 
  • Who is your target customer, and what are their demographics? 
  • How do individuals discover and learn about you? 
  • Who are your primary competitors? 
  • How should individuals feel when they see or think about your brand? 
  • How will you use the logo? For example, on collateral, the web, social media, print ads, billboards, etc.  

By proactively being ready to answer these questions, you empower your designer to craft a brand identity that resonates with your audience and expectations. 

Provide Examples 

Having models and sources of inspiration to base a design on is one of the most potent strategies to put a designer on the fast track to creating the perfect logo for you. Be ready to share brand systems you admire and, conversely, brands you dislike. Equipping your designer with these reference points, highlighting what resonates with you and what doesn’t, gives them a solid starting point when starting the design. 

Get Expert Advice on the Logo Design Process 

Logo design is a delicate endeavor, primarily due to its crucial role in shaping your business’s identity. This undertaking can present numerous challenges, especially for those who have never worked with a designer. But, with a bit of knowledge of the steps above, you can prepare yourself for an exciting, creative undertaking leading to amazing business results. 

Are you looking to get inspired for your own logo? Check out our portfolio of design projects we’ve worked on for some of our clients! 

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