Confessions of a Digital Marketer and Small Business Owner


We’re excited to launch our new blog as a digital marketing resource for startups and small businesses. Check back for a steady stream of tips, tricks and advice on social media, content marketing, SEO and more. But first, there’s a certain confession I’d like to make.

I have a confession. We have largely neglected marketing our business.

This is embarrassing to admit as the cofounder of a digital marketing agency. After all, our team has spent the last four years helping our clients jumpstart their marketing.  We’ve launched countless new websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing campaigns. We’ve assisted with content marketing programs, tradeshows, press releases and more.

But, all the while, we somehow never got around to marketing our own business and are only just recently expanding our website.


In large part, we never prioritized our own marketing because we’ve been fortunate. We have a steady stream of ongoing client work and referral business to keep us busy. We knew we needed to do more to grow our business, but our day-to-day focus was always on current client projects first. Sound familiar?

I’m candidly sharing the above because it echoes what we hear from entrepreneurs and small business owners all the time. They recognize they need to do more to promote their products or services, but simply running their business is more than a full-time job. As a result, marketing often takes a backseat to other priorities. Even marketing teams at more established companies face the reality that there are only so many hands and hours in the day.

We get it – and I admit we face the same hurdles as a small business despite making a living helping others with their marketing.

Introducing Our New Marketing Blog for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Marketing your own startup or small business is a challenge when juggling other priorities. Which gets us back to the original purpose of this article. We are hereby kicking off our new blog and our revamped website with resources aimed at busy startup founders and small business owners.

Our goal with our new blog is to share tips and advice to help other

What does this mean for you, our prospective reader? Well, you can expect to find a steady stream of resources to help you take your marketing program to the next level. We’ll be covering topics like adding lead capture tools to your website, search engine optimization (SEO), best practices for social media marketing, how to launch a blog, and tips on the effective use of images in your marketing efforts. Each post will be as concise, practical and focused on ROI as we can make it.

Throughout it all, we’ll be sharing not only the insights we’ve gained marketing for other companies and brands over the years, we’ll also share the trials and tribulations we experience putting it all in practice ourselves. I invite you to join us for the journey.

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