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Web Development.

Lapis & Lotus Center is a peaceful sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-care located in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. Among their service offerings are massage treatments, sound healing, intuitive readings, reiki, breathwork, and much more.


The owners of Lapis & Lotus approached us to create a website to coincide with the launch of their new wellness center in San Luis Obispo. They had put great effort into making their center’s physical location an attractive and welcoming space and wanted the same for their website.


We selected a third-party WordPress block editor template that gave us a solid starting framework. Our designer carefully customized the theme, adding custom fonts, colors, background images, and graphics matching the client’s aesthetic preferences and desire for elegant simplicity.


We had the client’s new website ready in time to coincide with the grand opening of their center. The custom and mobile responsive website wowed their clientele and staff. The Lapis & Lotus team has been updating and managing the user-friendly website since 2022.

Technology & Deliverables

Website Design

After consulting with the Lapis & Lotus team to understand their goals, budget, and grand opening timeframe, we recommended using a third-party starter theme to accelerate the project and keep the costs down. We selected a pre-built theme optimized for the new WordPress block editor and full-site editing features.  

Lapis & Lotus was a new business, so they were in the early stages of establishing their brand. Our designer incorporated the ideas and concepts they had for their storefront into the website’s look and feel. The result was an elegant, responsive mobile website that was easy for the client’s team to update and manage. 

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