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KAGA FEI America is a customer-focused electronics solutions provider headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company partners with manufacturers that offer unique technologies and services covering a broad spectrum of products, including memories, GNSS receivers, precision timing modules, AI inference processors, high-performance system boards, active optical cables, power supplies, and many more.


KAGA FEI America wanted a website that conformed to the brand guidelines of their parent company in Japan while improving on that foundation. They also later needed a faceted product selection tool and e-commerce features added to the site to handle customer orders.


Our design for the new site builds on the parent company’s brand guidelines while fine-tuning the aesthetics for a US audience and improving usability. We customized WooCommerce to implement the faceted search and e-commerce features.


The new KAGA FEI America website boasts a modern, visually striking look that sets it apart from the competition. As the needs of the KAGA FEI America team have grown, we have leveraged the WordPress ecosystem of tools to add features and capabilities over time.

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Website Design

KAGA FEI America added a new product line of wireless modules with a wide range of features to their offerings in 2023. Since the client plans to add more e-commerce features to their site soon, we recommend building the product catalog and parametric search capabilities for the wireless modules using a custom implementation of WooCommerce. The wireless module pages include faceted product selection and search, individual product detail pages, and a documentation library.  

Feature Rich Website
Feature Rich Website

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