Greyhound Rescue Organization
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Greyhound Pets, Inc. (GPI) is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds and greyhound mixes, serving the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada.


GPI needed a modern website to replace their legacy site built using basic HTML and CSS. The old site was not mobile responsive and was difficult for the organization to manage and update. They needed a website that would be easier for their staff and volunteer to collaborate and that looked great on modern mobile devices.


A WordPress website was a perfect fit for GPI since it would allow multiple users to work on the site with specific access permissions. A WYSIWYG editor empowered more teams members and volunteers to manage content updates. The last piece was a refresh of the organization’s logo with a cleaner look and more flexible form factor.


GPI’s new website is the online hub for its rescue mission. The organization relies heavily on its redesigned WordPress website to continue helping retired racing greyhounds find a home.

Technology & Deliverables

Logo Design
Managed Hosting
Web Care Plan
Website Design

A Website for a Good Cause

Our team designed the new GPI website with simplicity in mind. Since budget and ongoing maintenance were concerns, we used a minimum of third-party plugins and streamlined the admin experience. Other features include customized integration with a pet finder toolset, an event widget, tools to promote or spotlight content, and a memorial section using a custom post type.

GPI maintains a section on their website called the Rainbow Bridge as a memorial to dogs that have passed away. The section allows individuals who have lost a pet to post a short or extended memorial to their departed animal friend while also helping support GPI’s ongoing mission. We built the Rainbow Bridge as a custom post type per GPI’s specifications, providing a simple UI for upkeep.

Logo Redesign

GPI previously had a few logo variants that had evolved in a piecemeal fashion. The website called for rethinking the logo to firm up the organization’s identity. Our designer took GPI’s beautiful hand-drawn artwork and turned it into a seal-style symbol to emphasize the organization’s long history serving its mission in the Pacific Northwest.

An essential requirement for the GPI team was an effective way to tell their community of volunteers, donors, and adopters about upcoming events. The new site features an event calendar widget and page.

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