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Graphic Design

Socionext is a leading supplier of standard and customizable SoC solutions for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets. The company provides its customers with quality semiconductor products based on extensive and differentiated IPs, proven design methodologies, state-of-the-art implementation expertise, and full support.


Socionext was founded in 2015, combining semiconductor system organizations from Fujitsu and Panasonic. The new company drew on a long history of innovation and technological expertise but was essentially a startup entering a crowded and competitive landscape. The US-based marketing team turned to us for assistance in gaining name recognition and generating leads.


Digital Agility Media created ongoing digital marketing programs to help Socionext America reach their highly targeted audience of system design engineers and senior decision-makers in specific industry verticals. Services included social media and advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and web development.


The Socionext America team has trusted  our team to provide digital marketing consulting and services from day one. We have helped Socionext America create active communities on social media and generate leads with regular advertising, email outreach, and content marketing.

Technology & Deliverables

Social Media Community Management & Marketing

We created a social media program for Socionext America, combining community management, regular organic posting, and strategically targeted paid advertising campaigns.

Our team posts regularly on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter on Socionext America’s behalf, sharing a mix of first-party (product news and updates) with third-party (science and tech news) content to grow and maintain their target audience.

We also run targeted ad campaigns using custom and lookalike audiences to promote Socionext America product news or updates.

A Partner We can Trust Wholeheartedly

“It’s pivotal for any business to count on a digital marketing agency with your 24/7 online presence, and Digital Agility Media is a partner we can trust wholeheartedly. They are experts in their fields and stay on top of new web practices and legal policies. Digital Agility Media strategically positions our brand so that our audience sees us, understands who we are, and reaches out to us. They work with us on a strategy to keep our brand progressing continuously, helping us reach our goals.”

Sherry Chen


Email Marketing

We run targeted email marketing programs for Socionext America, including creating e-blasts and targeted landing pages.

Content Marketing

Our team provides copying writing and editing services to generate content for the Socionext America blog.

Web Development

Socionext America tapped Digital Agility Media in 2015 to build a WordPress website based on the brand standards provided by their parent company in Japan. The Socionext America website features a product finder, widgets for related products and documents, and a section spotlighting events.

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