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Graphic Design

Founded in Seoul in 2019, SEMIFIVE expertise in front-end to back-end design, has made it the fastest-growing silicon design company that offers the most comprehensive design solutions.

Technology & Deliverables

Brand Refreshed

We worked together with SEMIFIVE to analyze their original brand and update it for their new website. Expanding on their originally blue-centric color scheme, we introduced a striking orange highlight to emphasize important elements and be more in-trend with modern color schemes, which seem to favor bold color choices to help identities stand out in the tech space.

We also worked extensively to bring them a font family to help perfectly represent the SEMIFIVE brand while still being compatible with the Hangul alphabet for 100% accessibility with their high Korean demographic.


We created a complete library of icons for SEMIFIVE to represent their features, tools, and services.

Content Marketing

The SEMIFIVE Newsroom utilizes a modern, mobile-first design. We organized their ‘News’ posts with various post types in mind, such as image-heavy blog posts, press releases, and simple site updates.

The ‘Featured’ section elevates a specific post to be highlighted for more visibility. The ‘Events’ section below introduces a completely unique system to organize SEMIFIVE events in a user-friendly way and even provides detailed share links for easy sharing on social media.

The Careers Search Experience

One of the most extensive features of the website is the careers search tool we built from the ground up. Along with conventional search features such as the keyword bar and parametric search options on the sidebar, we also introduced an intricate tagging system to help organize and categorize job listings in a modern way.

Interactive Content Rows

To illustrate the full breadth of SEMIFIVE’s offerings, we created custom content rows within WordPress that users are able to interact with to dynamically view content.

This experience is consistent throughout all platforms, including smartphones and tablets with our mobile-first philosophy in mind.

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